Teaching quality


Within the framework of quality policies in university education adopted at University level and in compliance with the provisions of current legislation, the DST adopts and promotes an internal insurance and quality assessment system for educational activities, which is inspired by to the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the planning and performance of teaching activities, as well as monitoring the quality of the results achieved. The DST implements its own quality assurance policy by adhering to the University's quality system for teaching, according to the ANVUR legal provisions and indications.

Programmazione e valutazione interna

Documenti descrittivi delle politiche di programmazione e valutazione del Dipartimento nell'ambito della Didattica:

Verbali del Comitato per la Didattica

Schede di Monitoraggio

Riesame ciclico

Relazioni della Commissione di Orientamento

Piano di Orientamento

Piano di Orientamento